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Elohai Neshama-Bircat Shelomo Siddur

The Elohai Neshama, My G-d, the Soul… is chanted in the following video from the Bircat Shelomo Siddur. It is chanted in a melody from the Spanish -Portuguese tradition. This … Continue reading

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Addir Venaor-Yom Kippur

The Adir Venaor – mighty and illuminating one sung on Yom Kippur after the Vidui, the Confession. This version song in Spanish-Portuguese tradition. My three-year-old son is sitting with me … Continue reading

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Music of the London Spanish-Jewish Community

B”H The following two sites are dedicated to the melodies of the Spanish-Portuguese tradition in London. The Spanish-Portuguese Jewish community emerged in England after the tumultous period of civil wars … Continue reading

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