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A 300 Year Old Siddur in England

The discovery  of a 300 year old siddur (Jewish prayerbook) has sparked curiousity among researchers in England. The siddur is actually a translation of a translation. The first Jews to … Continue reading

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Music of the London Spanish-Jewish Community

B”H The following two sites are dedicated to the melodies of the Spanish-Portuguese tradition in London. The Spanish-Portuguese Jewish community emerged in England after the tumultous period of civil wars … Continue reading

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The Priestly Blessing According to the Spanish-Portuguese Tradition

The following is the priestly blessing (Birkat Kohanim-Aaronic benediction) recited in the preliminary prayers of Shacharit. This is recorded in the Spanish-Portuguese tradition which reflects the tradition of former Conversos/Anusim … Continue reading

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Ein Kelohainu according to the Spanish-Portuguese Custom

The following recording of Ein Kelohainu is sung according to the Spanish-Portuguese Custom. This particular tune was once sung at the Bevis Marks Synagogue in London. Rabbi Bejarano-Gutierrez

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