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Bringing Together and Educating Descendants of Sephardic Conversos

Early Jews in the New World

 The New York Historical Society is showcasing an exhibit of Jews in the New World before and after the American Revolution. The exhibit highlights familiar information on Spanish and Portuguese … Continue reading

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Who Owns the Touro Synagogue?

There is a joke about a Jew marooned on a desert island. He is stranded for years but is eventually rescued. Before departing the island, he shows his rescuers what … Continue reading

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Torah Reading: The Akedah-The Binding of Isaac

This Torah reading in Hebrew is from Genesis 19:1-22 and is called the Akedah-The Binding of Isaac. It is part of the Shacharit (morning) service on Shabbat and is also … Continue reading

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The Priestly Blessing According to the Spanish-Portuguese Tradition

The following is the priestly blessing (Birkat Kohanim-Aaronic benediction) recited in the preliminary prayers of Shacharit. This is recorded in the Spanish-Portuguese tradition which reflects the tradition of former Conversos/Anusim … Continue reading

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Shema v’Ahavta Spanish-Portuguese Tradition- שְׁמַע וְאָהַבְתָּ

This is the Shema V’Ahavta sung according to the Spanish-Portuguese tradition. The tune is sung at Congregation Shearith Israel in New York. This congregation is the oldest Jewish community in … Continue reading

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