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Who is a Crypto Jew?

The history of the Jews of Spain spans more than a thousand years. It ended tragically in 1492 with the edict of expulsion issued by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella … Continue reading

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Sabbateanism and the Converso Experience

By David Gonzalez Guajardo             In the events leading up to the outbreak of Sabbateanism, conversos came to the forefront of Jewish history. This group suffered much persecution and struggled … Continue reading

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The Tribulations of Israel: Samuel Usque and His Consolations

The 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries saw the systematic dismantling of Jewish life in the Iberian Peninsula that had existed for more than a thousand years. Persecution spurred forced conversions. … Continue reading

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Congregation Beth Shalom-The History of Spanish and Portuguese Jews

Congregation Beth Shalom, a Conservative/Reform Synagogue in Arlington, Texasi is hosting the following event. ADULT EDUCATION SPEAKER SERIES Sunday January 27, 9:30 am Please join us for the next lecture … Continue reading

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Petrus Alfonsi Vir Illustris et Ex Iudeo: Reading the Dialogue Against the Jews as a Conversion Text

The Converso phenomena was not limited to the late 14th-16th centuries in Iberia. There were earlier occurrences of forced conversions and there were also cases of individuals voluntarily choosing to … Continue reading

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Jewish Studies Presents Judeo-Spanish Culture Week, January 24-31

Dallas, TX– Southern Methodist University will celebrate Judeo-Spanish culture with a series of festive events and lectures the week of January 24-31. Highlights include a screening of Flory’s Flame, a documentary … Continue reading

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Ancient Israelite Identity: Religion, Ethnicity, and the Land of Israel

While this is not related to Crypto-Jewish or Sephardic Jewish studies, a broader goal of this website is to provide education on topics that span the full range of the … Continue reading

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Song of the Crypto-Jews

I found reference to Canto de los Marranos a few days ago.  This impressive musical piece was originally commissioned by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. It was premiered in … Continue reading

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