Killing the Torah: The Roots of Christian Anti-Judaism and Anti-Semitism

The Sephardic experience and for that matter the Jewish experience of the Western world has been influenced by the Anti-Semitism.

The Crypto-Jewish phenomena is a direct result of Christian views on Jews and Judaism.
Anti-Semitism has deep theological roots. Understanding this history and how Christians have historically understood the Torah, i.e., the law is extremely important.

With this in mind, please checkout my latest work, titled: Killing the Torah: The Roots of Christian Anti-Judaism and Anti-Semitism at the link at Amazon.

The goal is to provide Jews and Christians with an understanding of this tragic history with the hope of improving the future.


  1. This may sound sophomoric, but what can I, as a committed Christian,
    Do to promote understanding between Christians and Jews. I have always had a love and appreciation of the Jewish faith and culture.

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