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Conversos and the Rise of Secularism

The rise of a secular alternative to Jewish life was the product of a series of complicated events and trends brought about in part by the Renaissance, the Age of … Continue reading

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Song From a Withered Limb: Las Posadas and the Converso Crisis of the 16th Century

The following article was originally presented  at the national conference of the Society for Crypto Jewish Studies in Dallas, Texas July 20, 2014. Mr. Reid Heller graciously allowed us to … Continue reading

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Spain Grants Citizenship to Sephardic Jews

Dr. Juan Bejarano-Gutierrez The following article from the Washington Post notes the recent granting of Spanish Citizenship to more than 4000 descendants of Sephardic Jews that left Spain in 1492. … Continue reading

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Forced Conversions under the Visigoths Part 1

By Rabbi Juan Bejarano-Gutierrez As Norman Roth notes, perhaps one of the greatest oddities regarding the history of the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula is that Jewish life there existed … Continue reading

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Conversos, Music, and the Spanish Inquisition

By Rabbi Juan Bejarano-Gutierrez The Spanish Inquisition was focused on a wide array of markers which may have indicated Judaizing among Conversos. Even music was cause for suspicion. In May … Continue reading

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Secret Files of the Spanish Inquisition

This post continues my posting of the series titled “Secret Files of the Inquisition” which begins with the Papal Inquisitions and continues with Spanish Inquisition and beyond. This video focuses … Continue reading

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Why did Spanish Jews Convert to Christianity?

By Rabbi J. Bejarano-Gutierrez Regarding the motivations or reasons why so many Spanish Jews converted to Christianity, Don Isaac Abarbanel provides a review of the immediate ones. “Because of the … Continue reading

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