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Bringing Together and Educating Descendants of Sephardic Conversos

The History of the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula During the Roman, Visigoth, and Islamic Eras

This video discusses Jewish life in the Peninsula during the Roman era, the Visigothic era, the Islamic era, and the era of the Christian kingdoms. The forced conversions of Jews … Continue reading

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Alfonso X of Castile and the Siete Partidas

Las Siete Partidas, a law code written in Castilian and compiled around 1265, under the direction of King Alfonso X, the Wise (1252-1284) of Castile also referred to coerced conversion. … Continue reading

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Song From a Withered Limb: Las Posadas and the Converso Crisis of the 16th Century

The following article was originally presented  at the national conference of the Society for Crypto Jewish Studies in Dallas, Texas July 20, 2014. Mr. Reid Heller graciously allowed us to … Continue reading

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Spanish Village Named “Kill the Jews” Changes Its Name

For regular readers of this blog, you are well aware of the long history of Jews living in the Iberian Peninsula. Some of the earliest references to Jews living in … Continue reading

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A Key Social Difference between Sephardim and Ashkenazim

One of the clearest differences in how Christian and Muslim society impacted Jewish communities is in the area of marriage and sexuality.  The takkanah of Rabbi Gershom prohibiting polygamy was … Continue reading

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13th Century Portrait of a Spanish Jew

The Jewish Journal reported that archaeologists in Spain have identified a drawing of a Jewish man on a pottery fragment from the 13th century. For the article follow the link below: … Continue reading

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Vicente Ferrer and the Post 1391 Era

The Dominican friar Vicente Ferrer had participated in the onslaught of the Jewish communities in 1391 by eagerly accepting Jews at baptismal fronts in their efforts to be spared. Ferrer was … Continue reading

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