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Bringing Together and Educating Descendants of Sephardic Conversos

Elohai Neshama-Bircat Shelomo Siddur

The Elohai Neshama, My G-d, the Soul… is chanted in the following video from the Bircat Shelomo Siddur. It is chanted in a melody from the Spanish -Portuguese tradition. This … Continue reading

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Model Ani in a Sephardic Melody

The Modeh Ani Lefanecha is the first “prayer” recited upon awakening. This version is sung in a Moroccan Melody and the two blessings that follow are also recited. My goal … Continue reading

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Sephardic Liturgical Learning Resources

I wanted to thank the Facebook group “Sephardic Judaism for Baalei Teshuva, Converts, and Bnei Anusim” for providing these useful resources. Minhag: http://www.ketershemtob.com/selectionsonthissite.html https://sites.google.com/site/londonsephardiminhag/home http://www.nehora.com/products.php?product=Fountain-of-Blessings-%252d-Mekor-Haberakha-%282-Vol.%29 Siddurim:  http://www.koltuvsefarad.com/siddur.html (In Spanish, but it … Continue reading

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What is Jewish Prayer? An Introduction to the Theology of Jewish Prayer

I am very happy to announce the release of my second book titled What is Jewish Prayer? An Introduction to the Theology of Jewish Prayer in Kindle and paper back versions. This … Continue reading

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