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A Celebration of Judeo-Spanish Culture: January 20-27, 2017

Once again, I apologize for the late posting. A series of lectures on Judeo-Spanish culture will be hosted in the Dallas area by various synagogues and temples. The series is … Continue reading

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Mizmor L’David: Psalm 23 in the Judeo-Spanish Tradition

The following is my recording of Psalm 23 (Mizmor L’David) which is sung as part of the Shabbat liturgy, as a zemer (song) on Shabbat, and by some during the … Continue reading

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The Order of the Pesach Seder in the Judeo-Spanish Tradition

This is another belated video for Passover. The order of the Pesach Seder is chanted in the Judeo-Spanish tradition. The language is Hebrew, but the custom reflects the tradition of … Continue reading

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A Treasury of Sephardic Laws and Customs

Anyone interested in learning about the minhagim/customs of the four groups that historically lie within the framework of Sephardic Judaism should purchase this book by Rabbi Dobrinsky. Today almost every … Continue reading

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Bendigamos al Altisimo

Bendigamos al Altiisimo is a song sung by Spanish-Portuguese Jews (former Conversos) and Iberian Jews following the Judeo-Spanish tradition from Turkey. The tune that is used is also sung for … Continue reading

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