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¿Qué tanta influencia genética judía hay en América Latina?

The following Spanish language article from Tangible discusses the genetic legacy and influence of Turkish Sephardim on Latin America. This article is a part of a growing awareness of a … Continue reading

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For the Moment, a Celebration of Coexistence in Turkey

In aftermath of the First World War, the once mighty Ottoman Empire was no more. In its place a Turkish state arose centered around what was once referred to as Asia … Continue reading

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Jewish Wedding in a Turkish Synagogue

When faced with the edicts of Expulsion in Castile and Aragon and eventually in Portugal, one of the principal regions that opened up to Iberian Jews seeking refuge was the … Continue reading

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Bendigamos al Altisimo

Bendigamos al Altiisimo is a song sung by Spanish-Portuguese Jews (former Conversos) and Iberian Jews following the Judeo-Spanish tradition from Turkey. The tune that is used is also sung for … Continue reading

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