Articles on Conversos, Portuguese New Christians, and Moriscos is an excellent resource for finding scholarly research on a wide variety of topics. The following three articles are just a small sample of the material that is available. Anyone can sign up for an account as an independent researcher and correspondence with the authors is often possible.

Early Modern Economic Thought and Portuguese-Jewish Self-Perception

Judeoconversos and Moriscos in the Diaspora,  dans M. Garcia-Arenal et G. Wiegers (éds.), The Expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain. A Mediterranean Diaspora, Leyde, Brill, 2014, p. 413-439

The Innocent Converso: Identity and Rhetoric in the Igeret Orhit Genre Following the Persecution of 1391

You can find my profile at at Rabbi Juan Bejarano-Gutierrez which includes papers on a wide variety of topics.

Posted  by Rabbi Juan Bejarano-Gutierrez the director of the B’nei Anusim Center for Education and the author of What is Kosher? and Who is a Jew?

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