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Early Inquisitional Cases in New Spain

Amidst the momentous events of 1492, the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon were looking to the future. Christopher Columbus’ adventure was endorsed by the Crown, and an uncharted voyage across … Continue reading

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Portuguese Jewish Heritage Exists Beyond Lisbon

Much of Crypto-Jewish history often focuses on Spain, but Portugal, of course, was a key site of Crypto-Jewish activity. The circumstances were often different than in Castile or Aragon but … Continue reading

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Genetic Research: 25% of Hispanics Have Jewish DNA

The growing proliferation of DNA and genealogical services have led to increased cataloging of DNA markers. Many Hispanics have taken these tests and as a consequence have discovered likely Jewish … Continue reading

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The Portuguese Conspiracy

In 1640, the Duque de Braganca (King Joao IV) succeeded in throwing off Spanish rule in Portugal. Portuguese settlers were now seen as potential subversives. In Lima, the Inquisition conducted a … Continue reading

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Crypto Jewish Practices in New Spain

It’s difficult to provide a complete list of Crypto-Jewish observances that Judaizing Conversos in the New World maintained, but the following list represents common practices. Fast Days: Yom Kippur- El … Continue reading

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Conversos in New Mexico

The earliest exploration of New Mexico occurred in 1540 under Francisco Vazquez de Coronado. The first Converso adventurer was Gaspar Castano who was identified as Portuguese. He accompanied Alberto del … Continue reading

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Conversos Trades in New Spain

Conversos in New Spain were active in all types of trades. Of those arrested for Judaizing in the mid-seventeenth century, ~17% were involved in non-commercial trades: Tailors Silversmiths Bakers Saddlers … Continue reading

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