In the year 167 BCE, a small band of Judean priests sparked a conflict against the Seleucid Empire that would last a quarter of a century that we know today as the Maccabean struggle Jews celebrate during Chanukah.

The Seleucids had no issues with Jews as a people. Judaism was monotheistic, and this presented a problem. Their problem was the unwillingness of many Jews to change their understanding of Judaism. Hence, the real war was one of ideas. This confrontation between the Greek world and the Jewish one continues to exist to this today. This leads us to the question, what are the differences between Hellenistic and Jewish thought. What is Jewish Thinking?

Find out the answers to these questions in What is Jewish Thinking?

This course explains the differences between Jewish and Greek thought.
It provides an understanding of the Greek emphasis on definition as opposed to a Jewish emphasis on description. This course surveys the following topics:
1) Differences between Jewish and Greek Thinking
2) Polarity in Jewish Thought
3) The Rabbinic Mind
4) Thinking about Judaism in Non-Jewish Ways
The course includes videos, audio, and supplementary PDFs. It also includes a bonus copy of Against the Greeks: Understanding the Classical Jewish World View.


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