Upcoming Sephardic History Lecture

For this lecture, I will discuss the lives of several Conversos including Solomon Ha-Levi, Pedro de la Caballeria, Guillem Ramon Splugues, Juan Luis Vives, and Isaac Orobio de Castro.

All of these individuals were either born Jewish and converted to Christianity under various circumstances or were born to already forcibly converted Jewish families. How they responded to their Jewish and Christian pasts and environment is fascinating.


I have selected these individuals with the goal of showing how varied the experiences of Spanish and Portuguese Jews were during the 14th-17th centuries and how Jewish identity survived in many cases even after generations had passed.

This event is open to anyone who is interested. We are looking for a good turnout and also plan to play some Sephardic music after the lecture.

The lecture is set for Sunday afternoon (1:30PM) March 6th at 701 Forest Park Place Grand Prairie, Texas 75052.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Rabbi Juan Bejarano Gutierrez

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